Frequently Asked Questions.

We do our best to answer all questions our supporters may have.

  • What is LLTC 1895?

    LLTC 1895 is Lagos Lawn Tennis Club, formed in 1895. It is the oldest and biggest lawn tennis club in West Africa and boasts of over 2000 members from all walks of life.

  • What is the mission of LLTC 1895?

    LLTC 1895 stands to promote the game of lawn tennis in Nigeria and the world in general. We also encourage true friendship and amity by promoting positive relationships among members.

  • How Can I Join The Club?

    You can join the club by picking up a form and fulfilling ALL the requirements stated out on the form. You also need to provide assurances that you can meet up financially with your membership responsibilities. You must be sponsored by TWO financial members of the club of not less than 5 years standing and also supported by TWO members of the Executive Committee.

  • What Are The Membership Requirements?

    As a member of the club, it is your responsibility to abide by the Constitution of the club and comport yourself in a respectable manner.

  • I Don't Live In Lagos, Can I Still Join?

    Yes, Our members are enjoying their membership benefits from different parts of the nation, Some of us are even outside the country. Registration process is the same here. The ONLY benefit you stand to gain is that your YEARLY SUBSCRIPTION is based on 25% of normal amount. All facilities of the club are open to you, just as those based in Lagos.

  • Am A Non-Member, Can I Still Join The Online Forum?

    Yes, we have a special forum for our friends and supporters who are not members of the LLTC 1895. Registration is free and open to all friends of the club and lovers of lawn tennis in general.

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